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The Lorenz Series D Diverter Valve is used to divert and purge plastic pellets and resin lines automatically. Valves are available in 2, 3 and 4-Way configurations. Unobstructed flow improves system performance and eliminates product degradation.
  Used in Vacuum or Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  Install horizontally or vertically
  Positive Blade Lock (PBL)
  Custom Options Available
Lorenz Conveying Products manufactures components for every stage of the process.
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Growing demand for the use of post-consumer content, surcharges on virgin resin and global legislative policies are being enforced to create a more circular economy. These new challenges have plastics processors looking for economical solutions to incorporate additional materials, more diverse materials and changing material content in their final product.

The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender provides that capability. The blenders can handle up to 12 different components and can be configured into 120 different models.
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Inspecta is the result of Piovan’s commitment to continuous improvement.

It detects the presence of Acetaldheyde or Benzene in PET products. It can be used by producers of PET granules, preforms, sheet and bottles to assure their own partners the quality of the supplied finished or semi-finished product.
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