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Dealing with recycled plastic is different from the standard process for virgin raw material. The final producers must adapt their plants for transforming a material neither standardized nor consistent among batches like the virgin grains because of its unknown history.

Watch our case story and get information about our latest innovation for working with rPET.
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Lorenz Slideflex Diverters are manufactured specific to the Plastics Industry as a solution to reducing the high cost of product contamination. Inlets/Outlets are made from 304 and 316 S.S.  

A lightweight aluminum frame with choice of 2 or 3-Way configurations. The Lorenz Series “P” Diverter valve is available in sizes from 2” up to 8” OD. Ideal for dilute phase pressure systems or vacuum applications. 3 Week Delivery is standard.

Lorenz Conveying Products offers custom product solutions for unique systems.
Non-standard sizes & configurations…customized flanges… corrosive applications…hazardous locations…high temperatures… WE CAN DO IT ALL!
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Growing demand for the use of post-consumer content, surcharges on virgin resin and global legislative policies are being enforced to create a more circular economy. These new challenges have plastics processors looking for economical solutions to incorporate additional materials, more diverse materials and changing material content in their final product.

The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender provides that capability. The blenders can handle up to 12 different components and can be configured into 120 different models.
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Sepro Group provides you with everything you need to automate your plastic injection molding process. We offer not only robots for IMM’s ranging from 50 – 5000 ton, but also total automation solutions. Our team of automation experts will bring everything together in one integrated cell, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your process.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about the solutions that Sepro can offer you: seprocanada@sepro-group.com or (514) 515-9349
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