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September 26, 2019
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System monitors railcar unloading

Novatec's RailSense monitors pressure, vibration, vacuum, and temperature; checks the condition of filters, oil, and bearings; and ascertains the overall operating health of the systems.

Material loaders for medium-sized and large feed volumes

Wittmann Battenfeld has extended its FeedMax line of basic central material loaders with models with 15 and 25 litre capacities.

Blender with built-in extrusion control

The WXB weigh extrusion blender from Maguire Products is designed to provide extrusion control based on batch precision and metering accuracy.

Twin-tower desiccant dryers save energy

AEC’s NGX dryers reduce electrical energy consumption by more than 25 per cent compared with competitors’ wheel-drying technologies.
Special Reports 
Special Reports

The right way to convey powders

For plastics processors, conveying powders involves a completely different set of challenges compared to pellets. Here’s how to handle them. » Read More
Special Reports

You’ve been friended by the latest size reduction equipment

With the cost of materials going up and maintenance budgets going down, it’s critical that shredders and granulators be as user-friendly as possible. New designs can help transform your size reduction process from headache to hassle-free. » Read More

K 2019

Oct. 16-23, 2019
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
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Fabtech 2019

Nov. 11-14, 2019
Location: Chicago
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