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Discover the power of IP video

Discover the power of IP video

It's been said so often that it's now a cliché to say how much times have changed over the last decade. Everything has gone digital, from advertising to news, relationships and business and yes, even security. It used to be true that having access to the digital world was a bonus. Today, it's expected and it's necessary. Being online and taking advantage of the wealth of support and information that only be acquired through digital empowers everyone to make better, more informed decisions, from what car to buy to what suspect to report to police.

Consider security in the absence of digital tools. Older, analogue systems provide information, sure, but it's like being alone a foreign island with no ability to understand your surroundings and needing a resident of the island to tell you what you're looking at, what to anticipate in the climate and what to do should certain things happen. Without the help of a local, you remain stranded alone in a strange land with no idea where you are or what is happening.

Now consider security with access to the latest tools and technology. Not only do you not need a local to come teach you the language and lay of the land, you have tools that can, not only tell you everything you need to know, but you also get the tools to analyze what you're looking at and give you information that even the keenest eyes might miss, like movement in the bushes in the dead of night.

These examples might be simplistic but you can't possibly know all of the things you don't know when you rely on an analogue system to protect your property. Switching to IP technology gives you eyes where you don't even realize you need them, and a brain behind the eyes that can interpret what it's looking at, at all times.

When it comes to loss prevention, having an analogue system is like having a security guard sitting behind a desk. He can see empty parking spots as the cameras pan but he won't be able to tell you how many spots are clear, how quickly they cleared, what time is the busiest time of day in that lot, what route most people take in and out of the lot, and on and on.

Wouldn't it be nice to know more than what your eyes alone can see, if and when they're looking at the screens in front of them? Video and IP technology gives you that knowledge. It gives you a constant arsenal of tools and information that provide you with the most intelligent and effective security system possible.

Over the next 3 months, I will be sharing with you the power of IP technology and the benefits and process of making the switch to better knowledge and better security. See you next month!

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