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Making the switch from analogue to IP

Making the switch from analogue to IP

You have had a reliable, analogue security system for years and have never considered updating to a newer, IP surveillance solution. Why would you? We've all heard that saying: why fix what's not broken? Besides, the thought of overhauling your entire system seems overwhelming, cost prohibitive and more trouble than it's worth, after all, it's working fine.

The reality is that there are many reasons to make the switch from analogue to IP video, in spite of how well you think your current system works. There's more to IP cameras than just adding a few cameras that can be linked together. It's about the quality and the reliability IP can provide you, as well as the information they can give you—information you may never have known a camera could provide.

We understand that there is comfort in knowing the system you've relied on for years. You understand how it works. You might even know tricks to make quick fixes when things go wrong without having to engage technical support. We also understand that your time is precious and you might not have the luxury of investigating new options. It's a commitment to wade through the plethora of solutions out there and determine one that suits your particular business needs.

Harnessing the power of IP video
That is the very reason why the switch to IP would be valuable for your business. IP video will empower you to make smarter decisions for your businesses, from protection to marketing and everything in between.

Not sure if your system will need a total overhaul and the real short-term and long-term benefits? We get it. We know that there's a lot of information out there and a lot of work involved in narrowing down what your needs are and how valuable the effort is. That's why Rick Snook, Axis Key Account Manager – End User, has been working with companies just like yours for years. He's focused on finding solutions that make the most sense for each individual business.

Rick's years of experience in the security industry have provided him with valuable insight that he wants to impart in order to empower you to make informed decisions for the overall benefit of your business. He will explain the process of making the switch from analogue to IP and the benefits to you and your business.

Hear more about why to make the switch to IP
Follow this link to hear Rick speak about the power of IP video and the process of migrating from analogue to IP. Specifically, you'll hear his thoughts about if and how to integrate your existing system with a new, IP-based system, the differences you will see, and even the differences you don't see, and what your long term benefits will be.

Keep an eye on your inbox again next month, when we will share the second video in this three-part video series, in which Rick will go deeper into the information your IP cameras will be able to tell you about your business.

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