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A view from another lens

A view from another lens

Last month, we shared the reasons, beyond security, that an IP video surveillance system can benefit your business. We discussed the valuable analytics tools you can get access to and the business intelligence they can provide for better business. The best way to make sure your system is functioning and giving you information you rely on is to make sure it's installed and managed effectively.

While the power IP video provides is invaluable, it also opens up an added layer of necessary oversight. That's where your IT team comes in.

Bringing in the backup

When planning and installing a loss prevention system in an establishment of any kind, typically the first step is meeting with the loss prevention team to determine their needs and pain points. Progressive planning typically results in the fully-baked solution being passed off to the IT team to implement.

Your primary focus is on protecting your business and the property and people within and surrounding it. It's also to invest in a system that is easy to use and understand and monitor. That's why the point in which you involve the IT department is key. It may not seem like it, but IT has as vital a role in your loss prevention strategy as the Loss Prevention team. Perhaps, even more so.

While every individual system and scenario is unique, a common thread among all IP-based security systems is that they are built to be connected to a network; a network that can vulnerable if not installed and monitored property.

Widen the scope of your lens

IT will look at your LP strategy with an entirely different lens than the LP team will. They come to the table with a host of questions and requirements that are best dealt with before ink hits paper and the planning process hits full swing. That's why Rick Snook, Key Account Manager - End User recommends involving IT early and often.

In the last of our three-part video series on harnessing the power of IP video, Rick shares his insights on how and why IT's role is critical to the proper planning, installation and ongoing use of your IP video system.

We know that switching from analogue to IP is a big, but worthwhile decision, as we discussed in our first video, and we have explained all of the valuable business intelligence that you can gain though the tools IP surveillance enables you to use. Watch the video and learn earn who to have at the table at every step of building your security architecture.

Call us at 1-800 444-2947 (option 1), if you have any questions about how you too can learn and benefit from the harnessing the power of IP video.

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