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GardaWorld would like to thank you for attending the CS@40 lunch and awards gala. We would also like to congratulate Canadian Security for its 40 years of timely, up-to-date, relevant and practical information that helps Canada's security leaders carry out their duties. As we pay tribute to the success of Canada’s security industry, GardaWorld would like to reinstate its commitment in providing innovative solutions to make the world a safer place; notably with the GardaWorld Travel Security program, which enables companies to fulfill their duty of care by ensuring the safety of their employees travelling abroad.

From pre-boarding to landing back home, we take care of your employees.

Security while traveling abroad is a concern for everyone. That’s why from country reports and vetted news alerts to location tracking and concrete solutions in the event of a crisis, we support you and your employees at each leg of the journey.

"At GardaWorld, our mission is to inform, protect and assist our clients. In a world flooded with fake news, our clients need to be able to make informed decisions based on timely and vetted facts. By adding powerful country risk analyses from IHS Markit to the content developed by our team of analysts, we can offer Crisis24 users one of the most robust complementary security information and risk assessment delivery platforms on the market." — Oliver Westmacott, President and Chief Operating Officer, GardaWorld Security Services, International.
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The Crisis24 Global Security Portal powered by GardaWorld maps threats and vulnerabilities around the world such as civil unrest, terrorism, environmental degradation, and pandemics.
With GardaWorld, manage your travel security in real time, 24/7

This program covers all aspects of travel security so you will know your employees are safe, wherever they are on the planet.

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