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Dataminr Webinar
Developing Crisis Response Plans for Today's World

In today's tumultuous global climate, where corporations span countries and employee travel is essential to doing business, crises are inevitable. This is why corporate security teams must always be ready for the unexpected and have procedures and plans in place to respond quickly and efficiently. A lag in crisis response or an ineffective response can cost money, resources, and even lives.

Watch this webinar exploring the art of crisis management in today's world. Using a fictional scenario, you'll get step by step tips for dealing with a crisis and learn how one event can have cascading ramifications.

In this webinar you will:

  • Identify new platforms that can provide early intelligence about unforeseen event
  • Gain insight about effective incident response from crisis management professionals
  • Describe how a crisis can impact all areas of a business
  • Recall real examples of effective crisis management

If you are a security professional who is interested in leveraging social media to better inform your operations, this webcast is for you.

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