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Microsoft Security: Protect your Users, Data, and Devices
Technology is a disruptive force – enabling new business models, opening new sources of revenue and shaping entire industry landscapes. As people bring in devices, apps, and data into organizations today, protecting company data requires a new approach. In the present ever-evolving threat landscape, evaluating your protection holistically across all the critical end-points of cloud and mobile is more important than ever. Ensuring security, privacy, and compliance is key to enabling digital transformation.

To help secure your business, Microsoft has partnered with Softlanding Solutions Inc, to deliver 2 webinars and 3 workshops on security in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

Join us for one or all 1.5-hour webinars and 1-day workshops where we will walk through the current security landscape, and across key topics such as identity and access management, information protection, and threat protection, with a comprehensive approach for protection, detection, and response.

In the process, we will help you gain a better understanding on how to:
  • Gain insight and control over security tools
  • Protect users' identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk level
  • Protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels
  • Protect yourselves against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked
Register now to learn how to help protect your users, data, and devices.
March 28 & May 9
April 5, 8 and 10