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<b>Security and Privacy – In Lockdown and Beyond</b>

Security and Privacy – In Lockdown and Beyond

The technology industry abounds with buzzwords and phrases, with digital transformation being one such term that many companies aspire to undertake but when faced with reality it can be difficult to implement, especially while conducting business as usual. There are impressive examples where companies have changed course and transformed their businesses by integrating digital technology to fundamentally change how they operate and how they deliver value to customers.

In response to “work from home” and other lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have adopted some elements out of necessity, this departure from normal business may be the first steps or significant steps toward digital transformation. Devices and systems need to be protected from numerous types of risks that digital transformation introduces. Applications and services need to be vetted and configured to protect customer data and sensitive company material, and employees need to be more aware about the potential methods bad actors may use to exploit the situation.

Join the presentation where we will discuss some of the security considerations and how the pandemic has forced short-term adaptation, and that it could be viewed as a step, or leap, towards digital transformation, offering more flexibility to customers and employees and potentially opening new revenue opportunities.

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