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<b>Evaluating Campus Security: How integrated solutions works for a growing campus</b>

Evaluating Campus Security: How integrated solutions works for a growing campus

Are you certain your surveillance solution is working when you need it to the most?

In today's climate, the need to find and implement scalable solutions to aid in the protection of campus grounds is of the utmost importance. Throughout the installation journey, several questions arise.

What are the considerations campus security professionals need to take before implementing security solutions or adding to their pre-existing solution? Which areas of the school grounds require surveillance the most? Most importantly, what solutions are available to protect these growing areas of concern? Join Université Laval, Genetec and AXIS as we explore the answers to each of these questions and aid in the development of a solution best suited for your campus.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • The importance of on-campus video surveillance and current trends in the education industry
  • The areas of interest within a school setting that require surveillance and the considerations schools must take when implementing solutions
  • Analytics, hardware and software that will aid in effective access control and management of on-campus video

In addition to our session of topics, we would like to invite an end-user to share their experience. Be sure to join us to hear how the Université Laval has implemented these solutions within their campus and learn how it has helped them to keep their grounds secure.

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