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<b>Leveraging Surveillance for Smarter Operations</b>

Leveraging Surveillance for Smarter Operations

The City of Rome, Georgia needed a more efficient way to monitor critical infrastructure and ensure worker safety. Faced with expansive areas, properties spread-out over many locations, and critical systems that needed to be regularly checked, they decided to leverage cloud technology to tackle the challenge.

"We needed to leverage visual data to work more efficiently and maintain safety. Our legacy surveillance system was just a reactive tool, not a proactive solution. We always received information after the fact. We needed a smarter system."— Johnny Bunch, Director of Technology Services – City of Rome, Georgia

Learn how they leveraged cloud technology to launch a program that steps far beyond the traditional use of video surveillance and into the realm of smarter operations. From audio enabled cameras that listen to motors at water pump stations to enhancing safety protocols when employees enter high-risk areas, learn how the City of Rome, Georgia embraced digital transformation to drive operation efficiency and safety.

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Project scope: Courthouses, government buildings, parking decks, cemeteries, fire stations, police stations, water treatment facilities, filtration plants, pump stations, roadways and more.

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