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Harness the power of video analytics for your business
A new era for intelligent video analytics
Analytics in video surveillance isn’t a new subject for many of us. Thanks to advances in technology, video analytics have taken giant steps forward in recent years. And with future hardware, software and platform innovations, the ability to employ advanced edge analytics in video surveillance across every industry will accelerate us further.

Today, the processing power of cameras - like those available from Axis Communications equipped with our own chip, ARTPEC - increasingly enables machine and deep learning and has transformed analytics capabilities. The foundation for effective video analytics is high-quality cameras with high-performance processing capabilities.

The first analytics application appeared for Axis cameras more than 20 years ago, and ever since a key focus for Axis has been developing the best quality surveillance cameras, alongside its partners it is also creating a suite of analytics that will allow customers to make optimal use of their investment in hardware.

Customers across Canada can harness the power of intelligent video analytics today through our portfolio of ARTPEC-equipped cameras and technology.

Read more about Axis’ history and investment into analytics innovation. Or, listen to our podcast on the power of video analytics for today and for tomorrow, and how it can apply to your business.
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