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Now that organizations can capture massive amounts of diverse internal and external data, they need a solid strategy to manage it and maximize their value, mitigate risks, and reduce costs to build business resilience in the long run.

Join Dave Pearson of IDC Canada for a discussion on the importance of resilience, governance, and security in an increasingly data-centric world. From the value of data in transforming your business to the new security threats, compliance needs, and regulatory demands companies like yours are facing, Dave will share IDC's uniquely Canadian perspective on threats and opportunities for your business. Dave will also join Softlanding's Ryan Assef to discuss best practices in data visibility, governance, and managing information lifecycles.


Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022
Time: 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST

Why attend this webinar?

Discussion points during the webinar include:
  • The state of data management in Canada in 2022
  • How to rethink data security for cyber resilience
  • The question of data residency for Canadian organizations
  • Key recommendations and best practices for data visibility, governance and information lifecycle

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