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canadiansecuritymag.comMarch 25, 2021

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Reveal Your True Risk Profile

Using our Risk-Based Approach, G4S Canada builds, customizes and develops security risk management and mitigation programs, based on your TRUE security needs. Our FREE G4S Risk Assessment Tool might just reveal some risks you didn’t see coming as we work to answer these three key questions:
   • What do you need to protect?
   • What do you need to protect it from?
   • How do you most effectively protect it?

Backed by decades of proven experience, our team creates the most complete security solutions to address and mitigate your threats. » Let’s talk.

Johnson Controls

Improving Security and Operational Efficiency with the Cloud

Learn why thousands of the world’s leading business are leveraging cloud technology to streamline security and business operations. In this 20-minute webinar, you see how organizations across the globe are scaling surveillance coverage and managing security operations more efficiently. You will also learn how cloud video surveillance, cloud access control and visual data are being used to increase operational efficiency beyond security. » Register today

Retail Loss Prevention Forum

RCC presents the Retail Loss Prevention Forum on April 8

The Retail Loss Prevention Forum will bring together leading LP and security professionals to discuss proactive strategies, technologies, and best practices for protecting people, property, and assets.
» Learn more and register at RCCLPConference.ca.

Questions about our Canadian Security Connects, e-mail: Jason Hill