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If you're maintaining multiple security integrations and using different systems to complete a simple task, there’s a better way.

Our new e-book explains how a unified platform brings everyday matters into view through a single intuitive interface designed to:
   • simplify operations
   • increase response times
   • eliminate false alarms
   • reduce maintenance and costs

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Helping your security team respond quickly to live events is imperative to protecting an environment. Our i-PRO S-Series cameras come with 2 artificial intelligence plug-ins out of the box that can immediately augment your system. Onboard A.I. can detect and identify specific objects, such as humans, vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. Detect intruders, loitering, cross line and directional movement and never have your security team respond to false alarms again!

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March Networks® helps organizations transform video into business intelligence through the integration of surveillance video, analytics, and data from business systems and IoT devices. Companies worldwide use our software solutions to improve efficiency and compliance, reduce losses and risk, enhance customer service and compete more successfully. With deep roots in video security and networking, March Networks is also recognized as the leader in scalable, enterprise-class video management and hosted services.
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Prevention. Preparedness. Protection. Ensure a cyber-resilient organization.

If you’re a legal or business professional whose work involves information protection, this intensive course is essential. Designed to address cybersecurity lapses and other data breach challenges, this program will give you the essential legal and risk management tools you need to ensure a cyber-resilient organization.

New to the area? Bundle the program with the online primer Fundamentals of Data Breaches and Cybersecurity Incidents, designed to help lawyers and non-technical executives get an overview of the broad principles pertaining to cybersecurity law and data breaches.

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Many Property Managers have witnessed a dramatic increase in package thefts from condo towers — 1 in 4 Canadians having been a victim of the practice as of December 2020. Fortunately, there are several actionable steps you can take to prevent package theft and beat the statistics. As a condominium security and concierge service provider, we are here to help. Our loss prevention experts shared 5 important tips to reduce and prevent package theft in your condominium tower.
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Join us on Oct. 7 at 1PM EST for Canadian Security Honours, a celebration of security professionals who are making a difference.

Plus: A panel of Top 10 Under 40 winners and keynote address.

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