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Funding fact sheet: Stuttgart council accepts bid for multi-million dollar drainage project

The bid was higher than the initial estimate due to higher material costs.

Reducing nitrogen runoff from subsurface drainage

The right combination of practices and fertilizer timing can reduce nitrogen runoff from tile-drainage fields.

Likely extent of agricultural drainage tool tutorial

How to use a free, online mapping tool to identify areas that are likely to be drained based on soil and land cover information.
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New Podcast Episode! Building Wealth Through Tiling: Insights from Canada's Original Installer with Tony Kime, President of BlueWater Pipe Inc.

Kime was among the first to install plastic drainage pipe in North America. In this episode, he joins Jamie to discuss how tiling is building wealth in our agricultural communities, and why it could contribute to advancements in water quality in the future.

Listen to this episode and more at  www.watertable.ag.
U.K. Update

U.K. Update: Take care of your business, but mind your mental health

Newspaper headlines worldwide are increasingly hyper-focused on inflation, climate change, a cost-of-living crisis and a seemingly unlimited supply of bad news. For those in the agricultural drainage business, they’ve also experienced a rise in the cost of fuel and their raw materials. For British contractors, increases are twofold, with contractors contending not only with pipe and fuel prices but also with aggregate prices. With so many problems to solve and so much stress to manage, it is important to not suffer in silence. » Read more...
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Optimize your water table. Optimize your yield.

It’s important to pay attention to drainage when analyzing your farm’s performance. Trimble’s WM-Drain® farm drainage solution, paired with WM-SubsurfaceTM design software, is a toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and verification steps of surface and subsurface drainage. Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution providing significant benefits, such as: improving crop yields by up to 30%, maintaining a more developed root zone for better nutrient absorption, removing excess water from the field and lower plant stress, and reducing field compaction and minimize soil erosion.
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Pennsylvania 811 Safety Days

Sept. 22
Location: Pennsylvania
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