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Iowa Learning Farms virtual field days to focus on water quality

Drainage water recycling and riparian saturated buffers are part of the educational mix.

Nominate a GroundBreaker

Just over one month remains to nominate a GroundBreaker for 2023.

Tools for 2023: The value of tile maps

Tile drainage system maps for new and existing systems alike have many benefits for landowners. How can you get started today?

Optimize your water table. Optimize your yield.

It’s important to pay attention to drainage when analyzing your farm’s performance. Trimble’s WM-Drain® farm drainage solution, paired with WM-Subsurface™ design software, is a toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and verification steps of surface and subsurface drainage. Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution providing significant benefits, such as: improving crop yields by up to 30%, maintaining a more developed root zone for better nutrient absorption, removing excess water from the field and lower plant stress, and reducing field compaction and minimize soil erosion.
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Yields, slopes and cost

Yields, slopes and cost

With mounting pressure to increase crop yields while protecting the environment, controlled drainage is piquing the interest of landowners looking to drain their fields. Experts have called it “one of the few water quality drainage practices… that has the potential to provide a yield benefit.” By regulating the water table level, controlled drainage keeps the water table at a depth most favorable for crop growth. But what’s the nitty-gritty of installing and implementing a controlled drainage system – and what’s the impact on your bottom line? » Read more...

New Podcast Episode! A Banker’s Perspective on Water Management with Jacob Jenniges of Integrity Bank Plus and Karl Guetter of Prinsco, Inc.

What does financial health look like in agriculture? Jamie sits down to talk ag-lending with Jacob Jenniges, Integrity Bank Branch President, and Karl Guetter, Prinsco’s Agricultural Segment Lead and farmer. What are the current trends, and how can farmers get the most out of what they already have? From land prices to investments that will never depreciate, tax planning, and building wealth in rural America, Jamie, Jacob, and Karl hash it out in this episode. Listen online or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Innovations Webinar 
Innovation Webinar

Webinar: How nutrients move

With the flow of phosphorus and nitrogen into waterways being increasingly scrutinized and drainage enhancements and alternatives studied, it is first essential to know how these nutrients move to understand how potential damage can be mitigated. This research is targeted at contractors, landlowners, researchers and other drainage-curious readers. Join Purdue University’s Chad Penn in this free webinar on Dec. 15.
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LICO annual drainage conference

Jan. 25-26
Location: Ontario
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