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Equipment manufacturers applaud bill to raise debt ceiling

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers say the bill passing "avoids a devastating default that would have crippled our economy, sunk our credit rating, and hurt American job creators."

Dry years cut nitrate loads in Iowa’s rivers

The amount of farm fertilizers going into Iowa’s waterways diminished considerably with the widespread drought of recent years, according to newly released state data.

Iowa water quality sensors could lose funding under bill on governor's desk

Lawmakers approved a budget bill this month that would cut $500,000 from the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, which awards grants for research focused on reducing nutrient loss and water pollution.

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Simplify your next water management project – from start to finish

Whether you’ve got too much, not enough or it’s in the wrong place, managing water can be a challenge.

But, with Trimble’s water management solutions, you can access this valuable resource where and when you need it – creating optimal distribution and minimizing downtime.

Visit our website to learn more about Trimble’s concept-to-completion tools – including solutions like the WM-SurveyTM II app, VerticalPointTM RTK grade control system and FieldLevelTM II system – for your next drainage or land-forming project. » Learn more...

Drainage pays (seriously)

More than 40 years ago, a new drainage research study was just beginning at the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center in Butlerville, Indiana, aiming to assess the effects of tile drainage on crop yield, soil physical properties and erosion. Taken together, the results offer a treasure store of information on the value of drainage systems for poorly drained soils. » Read More...
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Prinsco Launches Educational Water Quality Best Practices Youtube Playlist

Prinsco is committed to creating content about agricultural water quality practices through The Water Table Education Initiative. It's an informational platform that includes articles, podcasts, and videos about the groundbreaking work our industry leaders, educators, and drainage contractors are doing throughout the country. The latest addition is a series of water quality best practice videos featuring the contractors who install them. Check them out on our Youtube playlist. » Read More...