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Ontario Living Lab: Water quality

An Ontario Living Lab project by looked to determine the impacts of best management practices on nutrient and sediment concentrations, and the partitioning of water flow between surface runoff and tile drainage.

Agricultural conservation practices and the impact on the Great Lakes

Algal blooms, particularly those in Lake Erie, have been under the microscope in recent years. However, researchers are closer to understanding best management practices which can mitigate algal blooms – without going drainage-free.

Last week to submit your picture for the DC cover photo contest

Take us into the field with you to show how you’ve spent your busy summer season – whether that’s digging trenches, laying tile, creating intriguing new systems or gazing upon the finished product.

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Simplify your next water management project – from start to finish

Whether you’ve got too much, not enough or it’s in the wrong place, managing water can be a challenge. But, with Trimble’s water management solutions, you can access this valuable resource where and when you need it – creating optimal distribution and minimizing downtime. Visit our website to learn more about Trimble’s concept-to-completion tools – including solutions like the WM-Survey™ II app, VerticalPoint™ RTK grade control system and FieldLevel™ II system – for your next drainage or land-forming project. » Learn more...

Crops of influence

Can the right winter cover crops reduce nitrate runoff into tile drainage systems? Based on research conducted by the University of Illinois’ Department of Crop Sciences, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. And it is possible to earn money from this crop as well. Recent nitrate runoff reduction research has proven that “certain winter cover crops can reduce the amount of nitrate that gets into tile drainage below ground,” says Dr. Laura Christianson. “The right ones can also pay for themselves.” » Read More...
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On the Road - Recorded live at the Iowa LICA Field Days

The Water Table Podcast is on the road! Host Jamie Duininck and guest host Trey Allis of Prinsco, Inc., recently recorded live at the Iowa LICA Farm. They caught up with the experts on the topics of saturated buffers, bioreactors, and how Iowa is leading the way with its innovative Batch and Build program for edge-of-field water quality practices. Don't miss guests like Dr. Matt Helmers of Iowa State, and Charlie Schafer of AgriDrain, who discussed whether saturated buffers really work or if they're just a big guessing game. It was a fascinating conversation that you won't want to miss. The Water Table - On The Road episodes are available now on your favorite podcast platform and YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Tune in and learn more about how Iowa is working to improve water quality! » Watch now...