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ADMC, ISAP seeking drainage project sites

The groups seek to expand the institutional knowledge to deliver conservation drainage practices among conservation practitioners in Illinois .

IWCA Summit to honor women in ag

The 2023 IWCA Summit will take place in Hamilton, ON on Nov. 7 and will feature panels, mentorship sessions, networking and more.

Wet winter needed to feed next years' crops, say Alberta irrigators amid early water shut-off

Dry conditions resulted in an early shutdown of systems. What does this say about the future of water management infrastructure in the west?

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Road Trip to Resiliency: What's Buried Beneath

Have you ever wondered what’s buried beneath our roads, parking lots and neighborhoods? Do you ever wonder or even worry about how water is being managed, especially during serious weather events? That’s what two Gen Z college students set off to discover for themselves… on an epic road trip across the US. Their adventure took them from Fargo to Salt Lake City, from Minneapolis to Phoenix and beyond. After thousands of miles and dozens of conversations with engineers, industry leader, academics, construction contractors, sales reps and manufacturing experts, they learned that what’s buried beneath needs to be all about resiliency.

Follow their journey. New episodes are released every two weeks! » Watch now...

LICA’s view: A proud tradition

A brief history of the Land Improvement Contractors of America, as told by past president (now board chair) Chris Wagner. Drainage has been one of the most important industries in this nation, if not the most Important. Wagner outlines the importance of conservation, of safety and of ensuring that the right voices are at the forefront of this ever-changing industry. » Read More...
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Simplify your next water management project – from start to finish

Whether you’ve got too much, not enough or it’s in the wrong place, managing water can be a challenge. But, with Trimble’s water management solutions, you can access this valuable resource where and when you need it – creating optimal distribution and minimizing downtime. Visit our website to learn more about Trimble’s concept-to-completion tools – including solutions like the WM-Survey™ II app, VerticalPoint™ RTK grade control system and FieldLevel™ II system – for your next drainage or land-forming project. » Learn more...