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Funding fact sheet: FFAR award $474,550 in grants

Thomas Isenhart (ISU), Jenny Seifert (UW) and Robyn Wilson (OSU) were recipients of the FFAR grants, which focus on conservation practices, edge-of-field practices and agricultural water management.

Profs to research phosphate capture and recovery from tile drainage

The team will develop a sorbent and field-ready filtration system to capture and recover phosphate from tile drainage and reduce the phosphate burden to watersheds.

U.K. farmers' union calls for water management strategy

Key to what the union says is a necessary strategy is tile drainage and other infrastructure upgrades, which will help mitigate similarly devastating years.

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North American Drainage Conference

Join us March 5, 2024 at the L.V. Eberhard Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan for expert insights on tech, tools and the future of drainage. » Learn more...

Photo Contest: How I spent my summer

This year, Drainage Contractor decided to embark on its first photo contest since 2019. The move was inspired by the recent growth of the drainage industry – contractors are busier than ever and installing complex, challenging systems. However, contractors are often so busy – particularly during the summer – that they rarely take time to brag about their own work. The editorial and publishing team at Drainage Contractor graded the images not only on the physical quality of the images but also in how well they represented the world of drainage. » Read More...

Drainage Contractor to hold drainage conference in Grand Rapids, MI

The team behind Drainage Contractor magazine is pleased to announce the inaugural North American Drainage Conference in 2024. Held March 5 at the L.V. Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, MI, this one-day event aims to bring together contractors, landowners, equipment manufacturers and extension/agency representatives to network, hear exciting new research and learn from the best. Speakers include Matthew Helmers (Iowa State University), Eileen Kladivko (Purdue University), Jacob Handsaker (Hands-On Tiling and Excavating and 2023 GroundBreaker recipient) and more. » Read More...