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Indiana farmers invited to have their say on drainage laws

Indiana State Rep. Beau Baird co-chairs the Drainage Task Force, which was established in 2022 to review responsibilities between landowners and the state on drainage issues.

Strategies for reducing phosphorus loss

There are four key strategies to address both water quality and crop production needs. Michigan State University's Ehsan Ghane details these strategies for drainage contractors and landowners installing tile drainage systems.

Tune into IWCA today

Registration is free and grants access to two hours of live content with some of the most brilliant and promising minds in Canadian agriculture.

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Simplify your next water management project – from start to finish

Whether you’ve got too much, not enough or it’s in the wrong place, managing water can be a challenge. But, with Trimble’s water management solutions, you can access this valuable resource where and when you need it – creating optimal distribution and minimizing downtime. Visit our website to learn more about Trimble’s concept-to-completion tools – including solutions like the WM-Survey™ II app, VerticalPoint™ RTK grade control system and FieldLevel™ II system – for your next drainage or land-forming project. » Learn more...

Don’t ditch the topsoil!

Agricultural ditches go hand-in-hand with subsurface tile drains and are highly common throughout the Midwest. Over time, however, these man-made ditches tend to fill up with sediment, and they need to be dredged as part of a regular ditch maintenance program. Silt tends to build up and block outlets. In order to deal with the silt issue, the farmers themselves, or the drainage contractors they hire remove the silt, and pile it up on land nearby. But what is dredged up from surface drains could actually have a positive impact on land. » Read More...

Drainage Contractor to hold drainage conference in Grand Rapids, MI

The team behind Drainage Contractor magazine is pleased to announce the inaugural North American Drainage Conference in 2024. Held March 5 at the L.V. Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, MI, this one-day event aims to bring together contractors, landowners, equipment manufacturers and extension/agency representatives to network, hear exciting new research and learn from the best. Speakers include Matthew Helmers (Iowa State University), Eileen Kladivko (Purdue University), Jacob Handsaker (Hands-On Tiling and Excavating and 2023 GroundBreaker recipient) and more. » Read More...
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Road Trip to Resiliency: What's Buried Beneath

Have you ever wondered what’s buried beneath our roads, parking lots and neighborhoods? Do you ever wonder or even worry about how water is being managed, especially during serious weather events? That’s what two Gen Z college students set off to discover for themselves… on an epic road trip across the US. Their adventure took them from Fargo to Salt Lake City, from Minneapolis to Phoenix and beyond. After thousands of miles and dozens of conversations with engineers, industry leader, academics, construction contractors, sales reps and manufacturing experts, they learned that what’s buried beneath needs to be all about resiliency.

Follow their journey. New episodes are released every two weeks! » Watch now...