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Survey: USDA wants input on irrigation and water management

The goal of the survey is to aid in the USDA's efforts to promote sustainability of water resources across the U.S.

North American Drainage Conference announces new agenda, speaker details

For $20 USD, contractors, landowners and all those interested in drainage and water management can tune in for half a day of engaging educational content focused on tech, tools and the future of drainage.

LICO Update: A drain done differently

To an average passerby, a South Innisfil drain may look more like a beautiful creek that had always been that way. But the drain is being restored and upgraded using natural techniques designed to improve drainage, address water quality and enhance aquatic habitat.

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North American Drainage Conference goes virtual

The first annual North American Drainage Conference will now take place virtually on March 5. For only $20 USD, users get access to informative sessions from industry professionals such as Eileen Kladivko (Purdue University), Ruijie Zeng (Arizona State University), Jacob Handsaker (Hands-On Tiling and Excavating) and more. Sessions will cover tech, tools and the future of drainage – all from the comfort of your office, home or even in the field. Register today for only $20. » Register...

Top stories of 2023: Drainage pays (seriously)

Results from a 35-year Indiana study and the various experiments along the way offer a treasure store of information on the value of drainage systems for poorly-drained soils. Purdue's Eileen Kladivko’s findings have been published as extension articles on Purdue’s website and in scholarly journals. More publications are pending as Kladivko and her colleagues continue to parse the data. » Read More...

Top stories of 2023: Meet the GroundBreakers

An entrepreneur makes a mid-career shift into drainage. An academic makes the leap to an association to put his problem-solving abilities to even better use. A business owner takes a vested interest in his state's water quality. A dedicated academic balances the practical with the theoretical. Our 2023 class of GroundBreakers share their highly varied experiences in the field of drainage and water management, what excites them about the field, what challenges they're looking forward to facing, and more. » Read More...