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Novel tool informs land use and nutrient control in troubled waters

A new technology devised by Penn State scientists promises to make the search for the ideal sites for riparian buffer installations easier and less expensive.

ILLICA to host free trade show

In recent years, Illinois LICA has opened up the opportunity to attend the two-day trade show to a broader audience at no cost. This year, free trade show registrants are also entered in to win a $500 cash drawing.

Research: Inflation expected to subside, farmers' outlook stable

New in-depth research U.S. farmers’ inflation expectations have subsided while overall producer sentiment changed little from where it was the last year, meaning (slightly) sunnier days could be ahead.


Drainage conference preview: Proving the positive relationship between drainage and yield

On March 5, Drainage Contractor will host its first-ever North American Drainage Conference, a special half-day, virtual event that brings together the best minds in drainage. Together, speakers will deliver talks on key topics related to drainage, water management and farming to help contractors and landowners make better drainage decisions. Throughout the next month, we’ll be giving you a preview of some of these topics by showcasing the work of our amazing speakers. The first is Purdue’s Eileen Kladivko. A veteran of the field, much of Kladivko’s work focuses on proving the positive relationship between drainage and yield. » Read More...

Conference preview: Working with stakeholders on effective water management

Our focus on speakers continues with our AgAnnex Talks interview with GroundBreaker, farmer and entrepreneur Jacob Handsaker. In a world where the very concept of subsurface drainage still divides people, Handsaker and his company, Hands On Tiling and Excavating, are hard at work ensuring they install drainage that is responsible and works well within its environment. In this summer interview, Handsaker shares his philosophies on why water quality should matter to a contractor – and you'll see why he was chosen as a 2023 GroundBreaker. » Read More...