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Featured Event: IMTS 2016

Ford partners with Jose Cuervo to develop car parts from agave

Initial tests suggest that this agave remnant fiber is extremely durable and offers aesthetic qualities. » Read full article

Mars Rover gets one step closer to 2020 launch

The design leverages features of NASA's Curiosity rover, but adds new science instruments and a sampling system to carry out new mission goals. » Read full article

New computational design tool turns flat sheets into complex 3D shapes

Researchers make hexagonal cuts into flexible but not normally stretchable plastic and metal sheets to give them the ability to expand uniformly. » Read full article

The People's EV

Canadian electric carmaker envisions its Solo EV as the VW Beetle of the 21st century. » Read full article

Automakers must reconcile automation and the human brain

Automakers are left wondering if the humans in autonomous vehicles will be ready to step in and take control if the car's systems fail. » Read full article
Encoder Products

Digital Encoder

Renishaw's VIONiC line features two readhead variants and is available with metal tape, spar, and rotary rings scale types. »read more

Magnetic Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect's M-series cylindrical magnetic DC proximity sensors are now available in 8mm, 12mm, and 18mm sizes. »read more

Arc-Shaped Motor

Electromate Infinity Series arc-shaped motors allow for virtually unlimited diameter and large through holes. »read more

IMTS 2016

Location: Chicago, IL
Event Date: Sept 12-17, 2016 » more info

Medical Design & Manufacturing

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Event Date: Sept 21-22, 2016 » more info

Advanced Manufacturing Canada

Location: Toronto, ON
Event Date: November 2-3, 2016 » more info

IFPE 2017

Location:Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: March 7-11, 2017 » more info