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design-engineering.comApril 12, 2021


Markforged CCF 3D printers are saving manufacturers thousand of dollars on their operations

With thousands of Markforged CCF 3d printers deployed across the manufacturing sector, we were able to analyze more than a 100 different use cases. The analysis shows that many companies have already adopted additive manufacturing to save tens of thousands in annual costs. Markforged printers from Designfusion offer unmatched reliability and support that your company can depend on. Read the report to learn how manufactures like you are capitalizing today. » Learn More


Selecting Correct Elastomer for the Operating Environment

A large factor attributing to the success or failure of the performance of a seal in any operating environment is the correct selection of the elastomer. A seal is exposed to multiple conditions that affect its ability for optimal performance and longevity. These operating environment conditions include but are not limited to operating pressure & temperature, fluid being sealed, shaft speeds and exposure to weather. Let Daemar’s resources help you make the right elastomer selection. » Learn more

White Paper: Resolution in Proportional Control

Proportionally controlling the pressure or flow of gasses and fluids to perform various functions is prevalent in laboratories and manufacturing environments. Often, it is imperative to use products that provide the best resolution. But what is resolution, what does it indicate in proportional control, and what might it mean for your application?

Clippard’s “Cordis” is a new line of precise linear electronic pressure controls within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution (≤5 mV), accuracy and repeatability. https://www.clippard.com/ » Learn more


White Paper: How to Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives

Master Bond’s paper offers a guide to evaluating and selecting adhesive products exposed to harsh chemical environments. This article examines the importance of exposure variables, chemical interactions, testing and includes practical suggestions of procedures on how to avoid generalities in the selection process. Download now. » Learn more


Keep Your Machines From Going Down the Tubes

Because pneumatic tubing is a common component in machines, many designers don’t give it the attention it deserves. This white paper explores the various environmental and mechanical causes of pneumatic tubing failure, which can cause downtime and costly production losses. » Learn more