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High-frequency noise interfering with data and control signals? High-voltage spikes causing system failure? Premature motor bearing failure?

VFD cables are specially designed to make today’s powerful industrial-grade AC motors operate efficiently and safely. It is important to use VFD cables for specific VFD applications. Not only will they optimize your motor performance, but will save you time and money!

In this webinar, Nexans’ Applications Engineer Isaac Müller explains what industrial applications they are used in, why they are used and what problems they prevent. He also discusses VFD cable designs, and provide installation tips and suggestions. Isaac has over 7 years of experience in wire and cable, with an Electrical Engineering background in inverter design. He is actively involved in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 as Chair of Section 4, and Vice-Chair of Section 12.

As a bonus, this webinar features a robust Q&A period at around the halfway mark.

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