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Limited time Infrared Window offer

Now is the time to update your facility with Fluke Infrared Windows.

  • Safely perform infrared scans without opening enclosures, reducing the risk of arc flash
  • Scan a panel in 5 minutes - not 30
  • Inspect more often, on your schedule - with instant, safe access

    And now, when you purchase Fluke Infrared Windows, you can get a free gift.

    Purchase 100 qty. ClearView IR windows* and get a FREE Ti450 infrared camera (MSRP $8499)
    Purchase 50 qty. ClearView IR windows* and get a FREE TiS55 infrared camera (MSRP $3899)
    Purchase 5 qty. ClearView IR windows* and get one FREE ClearView IR window (up to a $499 value)

    Hurry, this offer ends on December 31, 2017

    See the offer
    * The Fluke CV400 ClirVu®, CV401 ClirVu®, CV300 ClirVu® and CV301 ClirVu® are the only eligible IR Window models for this offer.
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