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Invalidating a certification is more common than you think

Invalidating a certification is more common than you think

Most people believe a product certification lasts for however long the product works, but you may be surprised how quickly that can change after you buy it. In fact, changing or invalidating a product's certification is more common than you'd think.

On February 26, join Electrical Business and electrical certification expert Marty Cole for a FREE webinar to get answers to your questions about product certification.

  • Dive into myths and misinformation about product certification: what it is, and what it is not.
  • Learn what can and cannot be done to products to maintain safety, performance requirements and objectives, regardless of the installation (e.g. dry, wet, corrosive, hazardous).
  • Become compliant with the CE Code and OH&S regulations.

A very special THANK YOU to our sponsor, HUBBELL CANADA, for helping us deliver this important information. Also, be sure to read Marty's companion article, "More than a label" (EBMag February 2020, page 16), which discusses how the incorrect maintenance or modification of certified products can defeat equipment protection.