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The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), Ontario's electrical safety regulator, launched its inaugural podcast series, Grounded in Ontario, made especially for Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs), Master and certified electricians along with individuals aspiring to work in the electrical trade.

Grounded in Ontario lets listeners hear from ESA's electrical experts and technical advisors, discussing industry trends, Ontario Electrical Safety Code updates, safety hazards to watch out for and technical guidance.

The episodes are purposefully 15-20 minutes long so industry professionals can grow their knowledge and skillsets in the time it takes to drive to the nearest Home Depot or pick up a coffee…. And ESA will be along for the ride.

"At ESA, we're passionate about electrical safety and about our licence holder community," says Josie Erzetic, Chief Regulatory Officer and General Counsel. "Grounded in Ontario is a podcast that will explore topics and best practices to equip and assist LECs with practical, helpful information they need to do electrical jobs safely."

Topics to be discussed include pool and hot tub installations, electric vehicle supply equipment and energy storage systems as well as responding to Electrical Contractor questions. Listeners can visit esasafe.com/podcast to learn more about upcoming electrical topics that will be explored on the podcast along with episode release dates. We also invite you to submit your ideas for future episodes by emailing us at podcast@esasafe.com

Industry professionals can listen and subscribe to the Grounded in Ontario podcast through Apple Podcast, Spotify Podcast, Amazon Podcast and Google Podcast. Stay informed and stay grounded!

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