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Accelerate your knowledge of the Electrical industry or help connect the dots on your 'hard knocks' experience of the market so you can upskill your professional development and better understand your business' impact on the value chain.

This Playbook is designed for anyone across North America who needs to understand the market, the interrelationships among channel partners, and the bidding/buy/sell process. This module offers new employees with an excellent introduction to the industry and continues to be widely used by many organizations as an onboarding program.

The Electrical Industry Playbook module includes the following:

+ 60-minute online training with Interactive activities, available in either English or French
+ Glossary of important terminology
+ Customized discussion guides

Chapter 1: Overview of key market segments (residential, commercial, industrial, retail, utility and institutional) and market players (end users, specifiers, contractors, integrators, agents, manufacturers, and distributors).

Chapter 2: Explores project types and the bidding process for new construction; in-plant industrial automation and renovation markets.

Chapter 3: Examines the importance of the distribution channel, with a focus on key drivers for success.

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