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Technology has integrated into our daily lives and now provides portals into smart devices using wireless communication tools that are controlled through pre-programmed mobile applications.

“Technology moves quickly,” states Greg Rhoades, Director of Marketing, Smart and New Technology Products for Leviton. “Fifteen years ago, when I first started in building automation, there was so much complexity and education required, and now we see laser-focus on the customer’s experience.” Rhoades adds.

Leviton’s free “My Leviton” is customized to each home and each user’s needs, depending on the applications and devices to be controlled. From this app, all Leviton devices that have Wi-Fi technology, such as Decora smart products (light switches, fan controllers, etc.) can be easily programmed and managed by all registered household users. One of the most advanced features of the My Leviton app is being able to tie into the breaker box by installing a smart sensor into each circuit breaker, which allows the owner to access each breaker separately and view their usage through the data in the load center section within the app. “These smart devices can easily and quickly pop into Leviton circuits to make them a smart breaker to allow the homeowner to compare energy bills and even remotely trip the breakers,” explains Rhoades.

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