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We are now well over a year into Covid... has anything gotten better since last year?

"We remain in a challenging environment. It is critical that everyone remains focused on the things within their control," says Craig Baxter, president, Techtronic Industries Canada.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Electrical Contractor survey of National Charge-out Rates & Revenues, delivered directly to you, courtesy of our friends at Milwaukee Tool.

See how your business compares with those of your peers on things like Construction, Service, and Emergency rates across sectors, ability (or willingness) to take on apprentices, safety responsibilities (and costs), and more.

Compared to last year, our respondents still believe we are at least one to two years away from bidding, productivity, revenues, etc., returning to pre-pandemic levels—if at all. Do you share their skepticism?

Special thanks to our sponsor, Milwaukee Tool, for helping us bring you this information. We rely on all our industry partners to bring you news and information, year after year, so please give them a look and check out the solutions they provide.

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