A message from our sponsor

Schneider Electric, a global, trusted leader in sustainable energy management and automation have recently announced the launch of Square D™ Wiring Devices in Canada. Carefully designed with form, function, and convenience in mind, Square D™ Wiring Devices bring ease of installation, style, durability and connectivity to the residential market with a focus on delivering quality devices . With a range of style and color options to choose from, Square D™ Wiring Devices suit the needs for any room in the home, for modern and connected living.

Square D Devices are available in two aesthetics. The X Series switches offer interchangeable face covers, providing flexibility to adapt to any interior décor without the need to access the wiring, while the connectivity features provide personalization and comfort and help save energy.

View the new product gallery for design inspiration and information on implementing style, sustainability and connectivity with one single innovation.

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