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Companies in the food processing sector are investing heavily to improve the efficiency and safety of their infrastructures. As the old adage goes, time is money. To reach their daily target, production time should be maximized, and downtime minimized.

Between these periods of interruption, planned cleaning procedures are put in place in order to maintain proper sanitary conditions for mass food production. Electrical wiring devices that supply power to critical machinery must be resistant to the corrosion associated with thorough and frequent washdowns, in addition to water and chemicals.

Maintenance can be scheduled, but as we all know, breakage always comes at the worst possible time. These unplanned interruptions can stop production and are often caused by equipment failure. When a breakdown occurs, maintenance teams must act quickly to minimize these downtimes.

Integrating condition monitoring technology provides a means to respond to unplanned events more quickly and safely and serves to support predictive maintenance programs to significantly reduce these costs in food and beverage facilities.

By integrating IIoT technology, Inform enables Leviton’s Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks – electrical wiring devices critical to manufacturing operations – to provide real-time data and notifications to the end-user via the Inform mobile and desktop application. Using sensors embedded in Leviton devices, the end-user is immediately notified if there are abnormal operating conditions or if a device failure occurs. This platform identifies disturbances that can impact machine performance and minimize unplanned downtime.

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