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How many times have you driven past a brightly lit commercial building at night and wondered why all the lights were on when no one was there? Obviously, those buildings do not have any lighting control systems in place and are wasting a precious resource.

Lighting is one of the major costs in building maintenance. With over 35% of a typical business’ energy bill related to lighting, energy saving controls for lighting are squarely at the center of any effort to reduce energy expenditures. It just makes good sense and saves cents to upgrade commercial lighting. Not only does a commercial lighting upgrade save operating and maintenance costs, it also improves lighting quality and contributes to the facility’s overall energy efficiency producing less “light pollution” to reduce its carbon footprint.

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors take the place of traditional box-mounted lighting controls and are easy to install and configure. Once connected, these detect room occupancy (or vacancy) to adjust the room lighting to programmed settings or to the pre-programmed default settings. It’s the simplest form of touchless dimming or turning off/on the lights. Wallbox sensors can also take advantage of daylighting, which utilizes ambient or artificial light coming into the space to gauge the amount needed from the room’s light fixture which is connected to the smart wallbox. When programmed properly, the sensors can save up to 45% in energy costs for that specific zone

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