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Did you know that as of last year, ESA issued more than 1,300 notices of violations, launched more than 100 investigations and convicted 48 unlicensed electrical contractors?

However, as impressive as those enforcement statistics are, ESA continues to receive tips from Ontarians about unlicensed electrical contractors performing electrical work in Ontario. We know exactly the risks and frustrations this poses for those who want to keep themselves and others safe.

In the latest episode of Grounded in Ontario, new host Karen Ras, Director of Communications, Government and Stakeholder Relations speaks with Soussanna Karas, Director of Licensing, about how ESA is working hard to combat the dangers of improper and unlicensed work by providing education, guidance and enforcement of existing policies. In their conversation, they also discuss ESA’s latest digital enhancements that make it easier to stay up to date with licensure.

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If you have a topic or technical question you would like addressed in a future episode, please email us at podcast@esasafe.com.

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