A message from our sponsor

Alberta businesses can receive up to $250,000 per project and up to $1 million per parent company for high-efficiency equipment through Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Energy Savings for Business (ESB) Program and Expanded Technologies Pilot (ETP).

Build projects quickly with a readymade menu of incentives. Choose from over 60 eligible technologies, including onsite energy generation, HVAC, lighting systems, process heating, and more to help your customers achieve their sustainability goals and cut down on energy costs.

Using cutting-edge technology that’s not on ESB’s Measures List? Check out ETP.

An extension of the ESB Program, ETP offers a new pathway for Alberta businesses to propose effective, commercially viable technologies not currently supported through ESB. Successful proposals will receive funding to support project implementation and help expand ERA’s understanding of the technology’s performance and market potential.

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)
#746, 10104 103 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0H8
#1110, 444 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8
Email: support@esbprogram.ca • Phone: 844-407-0025