A message from our sponsor

At Schneider Electric, our constant endeavour is to help our customers overcome daily challenges by meeting their needs through strong collaboration. Our solutions help build open and compatible connected homes of the future, that are more intuitive, and sustainable.

To further help customers personalize the system, Schneider Electric has introduced a line of connected switches and receptacles that operate in an app we call Wiser™ Home, allowing a unique experience for each user. When it comes to ease of installation all the devices include features like self-grounding, quick ground wire installation and pressure plates for ease of wiring. Wi-Fi or Z Wave intelligence allows customers to automate receptacles and lights or control them remotely and as a result use electricity more intelligently. All the devices are available in two formats: screw and screwless with the rocker plates being interchangeable keeping switches clean during construction without changing the device. Furthermore, homeowners are no longer limited to glossy white cover plates with new contemporary matte colours accommodating many styles of décor.

Schneider Electric is paving the way to a proactive approach and showing leadership towards a smart and sustainable home, something that is no longer a nice to have but a must have for every homeowner.

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