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Did you know that in 2021, ESA inspectors wrote over 143,000 defects?

ESA wants to support the Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) community to be consistently compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and improve their respective defect ratio stores, so they’ve dedicated two new episodes of Grounded in Ontario on the top 10 defect LECs should be aware of.

In the first part, host Karen Ras, Vice President, Communications, Strategy and Innovation sits down with Trevor Tremblay, Technical Advisor, to cover topics relating to AFCI/AGCI requirements, panel maintenance and much more.

You can listen to the episode here and subscribe to all episodes on Apple, Spotify, Amazon or Google.

ESA is thankful for your continued support for Grounded in Ontario and sharing with your peers and teams. If you have any feedback, or a topic or technical question you would like addressed in a future episode, please email them at podcast@esasafe.com.

Stay informed and stay grounded!

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