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It allows the calculation of the number of joints required and the recommended support spacing for runs of conduit. After discussions with Electrical Contractors in Canada and the US, we have found three common mistakes when it comes to the use of expansion joints. These mistakes are:
  • Forgetting to use expansion joints
  • Not using enough expansion joints
  • Overtightening of support straps
IPEX can’t stress enough that it is more cost-effective to use more expansion joints than needed, rather than too few. It is difficult to correct the problem after conductors are installed and in service. Failure to accommodate expansion/contraction may result in pipe failure.

That’s why our team developed a digital solution, where electrical contractors will be able to calculate the required number of joints in a few minutes. The process is simple – type in a few bits of project information, such as run length, temperature change, and nominal pipe size and the app will calculate the optimal number of joints needed for the project. Furthermore, users can similarly calculate the recommended support spacing as well as find details about IPEX electrical products.

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