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Most facilities don’t even know they have failing SPDs (surge protection devices). We always encourage facilities to keep an eye on their surge protection. Too often they find the lights are out and seemingly for no reason.

SurgePure’s Single Element Technology is designed to handle the most potentially damaging hi-energy transients without degrading.

Two main issues with conventional SPDs failing:

1) Heat dissipation. The closer we get to the sinewave the better the power quality will be however the SPD will also have to dissipate more heat as well. SurgePure’s encapsulant has special heat sinking characteristics to help pull the heat away from our MOVs ensuring the thermal integrity of critical surface areas and maintains functional MOV integrity.

2) Multi-Element designs have unequal stressing amongst the paralleled MOVs thus putting some of them into a thermal run-away and causing them to burn up. No matter how many times they state in their literature that they are all equally stressed this is impossible as the MOVs respond in the nano-second.

SurgePure’s combination of ‘integrated MOV / fuse-link’ technology and sustained MOV integrity eliminates the frequent cost of SPD replacements, as well as the risk of down-line equipment losses, frequent repairs and costly downtime.

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