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Bridge Project Update
Roadway bridge construction projects are loaded with details. A key component is electrical conduit.

When it comes to electrical conduit for bridge projects, considerations include conduit weight, installation, corrosion and UV resistance, and hanger systems.

Savvy engineers, contractors and project managers rely on fiberglass conduit for successful bridge project outcomes. More specifically, they rely on Champion Fiberglass, the conduit that has been used on thousands of bridges across the U.S. and Canada.

Here's why:
  • Light weight contributes to an easier and lower cost installation
  • Corrosion resistance protects from salt, oil and gas found on roadways
  • UV resistance and impact resistance offer durability for project longevity
  • Lower material costs protect project bottom lines
As a project manager, engineer, architect or contractor ensure you have the highest quality and most cost-competitive materials to adequately protect the electrical conductors in your bridge job. The success of your project depends on selecting the materials right for your bridge job.

Discover more reasons why fiberglass conduit is the best conduit material for your bridge job in our eGuide, Industrial Construction Trend Report: Electrical Conduit in Bridge Projects.
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Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Champion Fiberglass is the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit, strut and bridge drain systems to the industrial, electrical and mechanical markets. With the most advanced production facility for manufacturing fiberglass conduit in North America, our proprietary high-speed winding process and high-temperature curing ovens are key to the consistency and quality of these lightweight, versatile products.
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