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Save Valuable Time and Increase Productivity with the Fastest Installing Circuit Breaker Panel
The Award-Winning Leviton Load Center is an innovative residential electrical circuit breaker panel that offers an easy-to-install, safe and approachable solution to home energy management. This product, with its optional smart breakers and WI-FI communication hub, gives insight to energy usage which results in reducing utility bills.
Leviton Load Center Options
All types include GFCI, AFCI, AFCI/GFCI, GFPE, smart, surge and standard with various amp ratings.
Since safety is a top priority, Leviton delivers GFCI circuit breaker protection, exceeding UL requirements. This feature locks users out if the ground-fault protection is lost. Most competitive GFCI manufacturers offer devices that can be reset after protection is loss, which then results in providing users with unprotected power. To reset a Leviton circuit breaker, the breaker needs to be shut OFF, and then back ON. And for added protection, Leviton further provides safety with their line of GFCI outlet receptacles.
More Control, More Savings
Homeowners who install the Leviton Load Center, Smart Circuit Breakers can see which devices and appliances are using excessive power and this insight can help change habits to save further costs. The My Leviton app allows remote monitoring, tripping and firmware updates for each circuit in the home.
My Leviton app consolidates control of the Leviton Load Center’s smart circuit breakers and the Decora Smart® Wi-Fi® product lines, enabling users to seamlessly control load center activities and all connected “smart home” devices including sensors, fans and lighting − from anywhere in the home or in the world by through their smartphone or tablet.

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