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Be prepared.

Are you ready for emergency situations that can leave you without electrical power? Eaton’s complete backup power systems can provide peace-of-mind for families and businesses alike.

   • Transfer switches designed and manufactured in Canada
   • Manufactured to Canadian electrical codes
   • CSA Approved

Count on Eaton for the best in Standby power, safety, comfort and convenience. Canada does.
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Commercial/Industrial Surge Protective Devices (SPDs)

Electrical systems for business just aren’t complete unless they incorporate surge protection. This is best accomplished by stopping surges before they get in through the application of Siemens hard-wired surge protective devices (SPDs) installed at key electrical system surge entry points. Siemens TPS3 commercial grade and our FirstSurge Commercial Class protectors deliver robust, commercial grade and class surge protection for your business.

Underground Devices

Multi-Mount Cable Support Arms

The Multi-Mount Nonmetallic Cable Support Arm is the ideal cable support for either new or retrofit installations in manholes and vaults.

Product Features:
   • Nonmetallic
   • Will not Rust or Corrode
   • High Load Capacity
   • No Grounding or Bonding
   • Insulators not required
   • 4 Arm Sizes Available
   • Arms Bolt Directly to the Manhole Wall
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The new °Stelpro high-end convector

°Stelpro has reinvented the convector with the new ORLÉANS high-end convector. With its unique design, the ORLÉANS offers a faster temperature rise than any other convector on the market. The optional built-in thermostat is equipped with the ZigBee protocol, so it can be connected to the smart home. Energy efficiency, connectivity, adjusted profile and a wide variety of models, the ORLÉANS is now the benchmark for high-end convectors. >> Learn more...

Aartech Canada

StelPro Ki Zwave Thermostat for Baseboard Heat

Bring smart home heating control to homes with baseboard heating using Stelpro¹s new Ki Zwave line voltage thermostat. Ki is Zwave plus certified to work with most popular home automation systems. For more information contact Aartech Canada, your smart home automation specialists since 2002! Visit us at or call 1-877-760-3105 today.

Standard Products

LED Center Basket Luminaires

STANDARD’s LED retrofit solution provides an optimal alternative to traditional recessed luminaires as well as to LED panels if you want a more architectural look. These center basket luminaires are easy to install into any T-grid system and are available in 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes and in 3,500, 4,000 and 5,000 K colour temperatures. This series provides an excellent option for the lighting designer or the building management company seeking a pleasing aesthetic look, while providing substantial energy savings. Their modern sleek design provides smooth and visually comfortable ambient lighting and is ideal for commercial projects such as open office areas and retails spaces as well as for schools and hospitals. >> Learn more...



Brady¹s BMP®61 label printer is designed for quick and efficient identification of wires, cables and components. With high performance materials that can handle the toughest industrial identification applications for electrical, datacomm and general ID, this printer is your rugged and reliable partner in the field and dependable workhorse in the shop. It features multiple user interfaces, touch screen capabilities and a variety of ways to connect, manage and save your data. >> Learn more...

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