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ebmag.comNovember 15, 2018

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Cloud Based Access Control Solutions

Cloud based door access solutions offer many benefits over traditional systems. Cloud based systems simply require an Internet enabled network connection - no server or software needs to be installed, managed or maintained. Installers and users are able to manage one site or multiple sites, schedules and credentials from anywhere using a web browser. To learn more visit or call 1-877-760-3105. Aartech Canada is a fully Canadian owned and operated distributor since 2002. » Learn more


Safely and Easily Inspect, Test & Repair Breakers and Other Heavy Apparatus

The cbLift™ is all you need to effectively handle and service breakers and other heavy equipment, turning a potentially hazardous two-man operation into an safe, one-person exercise. Available in 800-lb and 2000-lb ratings, the patent-pending cbLift™ removes and replaces circuit breakers from the rails of switchgear. What makes cbLift™ unique are the universally applicable built-in workstation turntable and specially designed "lifting blocks", which allow one technician to completely remove, service and return a breaker without actually "handling" it. The turntable is removable and the lifting blocks are available to meet any switchgear/breaker height requirement. The cbLift™ boasts a 2-year warranty, loads easily into your work truck, and navigates uneven ground and curbs just as easily. Satisfaction guaranteed! For Canadian enquiries, email or call 403-312-8500. For U.S. enquiries and more information, visit » Learn more


221 Series LEVER-NUTS®: The Way to Connect

Lift the lever up, insert a stripped wire, and push the lever back down - done. WAGO's 221 Series compact splicing connectors easily, quickly, and safely connect solid, stranded, and fine-stranded wires up to 10 AWG! » Get a free sample!


Gas-insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear

Power Xpert XGIS could be your best choice in meeting the precise demands of your application. From its compact design to enhanced personnel safety and low maintenance requirements, you owe it to yourself to see what XGIS can do for you.

   • Compact design enables use in small spaces
   • Excellent arc protection improves personnel safety
   • Reduces installation and operating costs

Is Eaton’s Power Xpert XGIS the right fit for your company? » Learn more


Legrand/Wiremold Outdoor Ground Box

Legrand’s Outdoor Ground Box delivers safe, permanent power to any outdoor space. The durable in-ground box has been tested to ensure safe operation in any weather condition- all year round. The Outdoor Ground Box comes in three finishes to complement any outdoor space. It’s available in a host of configurations to suit your needs. Perfect for commercial settings, the Outdoor Ground Box conveniently provides power, communications, and A/V while seamlessly blending into any landscape. » Learn more

Standard Products

DUOLED LED Driver and Dimmer

DUOLED is both a driver which converts line voltage to low voltage (12 and 24 V) and a dimmer switch (1-100%), eliminating compatibility issues often seen between LED drivers and dimmer switches. Not only does its compact design allow the product to fit into a single gang box, its inclusion of a voltage barrier partition allows for the installation of high and low voltage circuits in the same gang box. The DUOLED is compatible with STANDARD’s Armonia LED Slim Line Bars as well as 12 and 24 V LED Tapes. » Learn more

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