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ebmag.comMarch 19, 2020

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Find the printer that best fits your application.

Variety means having the solution no matter the need. Whether you’re labelling wires, cables, racks or bins, our printers have what it takes to make your job easier.

View the portable printer comparison chart and desktop printer comparison chart to find the your ideal printing solution.

Brady provides the expert tools you need for a complete identification solution. » Learn more


Introducing the new ValueLED™ Selectable Slim Microdisk

• 5 CCT selectable enabled through a switch located on the driver
• 4”, 6” and 8” options available
• 8, 13, 16, 20W
• Phase-cut dimming
• High CRI (>90) ensures a high-quality light
• 1/2" height facilitates installations in most residential applications
• Energy Star listing maximizes rebate opportunities
• Ideal for residential applications, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, stairwells, aisle
» Learn more


New all-in-one Universal Commercial Downlight

The Universal Commercial downlight (CDU) series is an all-in-one luminaire that will bring peace of mind to any project. With its high versatility, it enables to choose the right amount of light required as well as the color temperature that will bring out the best out of any space. It is perfect for both new construction and retrofit solution to replace existing CFL, HID and incandescent luminaires. » Learn more


Hygienic Design Solutions: Extra cleanliness guaranteed

Rittal’s HD solutions are specially designed and built to handle the unique hygiene needs & challenges of the Food & Beverage, Mining and other harsh industries. In extreme environments, traditional enclosures may fail to provide the required levels of protection, so we have the perfect solution for you! Seeing is believing!
Rittal’s HD products stand out with their unique features:
   • 30° sloping roof
   • Stainless steel parts
   • Air-tight blue gasket
Contact us today to discuss how our HD solutions can work for you! Click here for the details, or email for more information!
» Learn more


Legrand/Wiremold Outdoor Charging Stations

Legrand Outdoor Charging Stations provide an ideal solution for employees, students, and guests to charge their mobile devices in outdoor spaces. Perfect for areas like corporate campuses and higher education facilities, these stations incorporate power devices as well as LED lighting. Featuring durable construction and outdoor-rated finishes, these elegant pedestals are designed to enhance your facility while blending into existing landscaping. » Learn more


Your Wrists Will Thank Us: Compact Splicing Connectors for All Wire Types

WAGO’s 221 Series Splicing Connectors are the no-twist solution for any application. Easily, quickly, and safely connect solid, stranded, and fine stranded wires ranging from 24-10 AWG. » Request a sample

Delta Transformers

Delta Transformers New Mitigator e-Silver

This latest series includes Electrostatic Shield, Double Neutral, 150° C, K13 & Aluminum windings as standard. 0 degree or -30 degree phase shifting Providing a True Harmonic Mitigation Solution.

Copper windings, other K factor ratings, 130° C, dual output to a combined 0 and -30 degree phase shift and field adjustable phase shifting at + and – 15 degrees are also available options.

For over 35 years Delta Transformers has been designing and manufacturing in Canada, high quality, reliable and high efficiency transformers for the Canadian market. » Learn more


High Bay Solutions that Perform.

Now offering more choices, uniformity, comfort and optional code-compliant wireless controls that unlock the full potential of LED lighting, Cree Lighting’s KBL Series High-Bay/Low-Bay luminaire is the ideal choice for almost any mainstream high-bay/low-bay lighting application, giving facilities more of everything for a brighter, safer and more productive workday. » Learn more

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