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ebmag.comMay 21, 2020

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Stanpro, proud to be Canadian

Stanpro is proud to be a Canadian company providing lighting solutions to Canadians across the country and supporting fellow Canadian enterprises and entrepreneurs. Light is essential, notably to institutions like hospitals and schools, but also to local businesses. It is by working together that we will help our country go through these unprecedented times! #Strongertogether » Learn more


Transitioning Your Workspace into the "New Normal"

Brady printing systems can help safely transition your workspace into the “new normal” to help keep employees and guests safe. Our printers provide easy changeover of materials, and 70 material options for facility-wide identification. From labelling wires and panels to printing social distancing signage, Brady continues to make safety a priority.
Add to the capabilities of your Brady printer with Brady Workstation Software by downloading free templates, designed specifically for COVID-19. » Learn more


Rittal launches the ‘Beat the Heat’ Summer Cooling Promo 2020

It pays to be cool! From May 1-Aug 31, Rittal offers special promo prices on our top-notch enclosure air conditioners and fans that decrease enclosure energy costs by up to 75% while enhancing efficiency and ROI. What's New: The promo includes our IT cooling solutions, as industrial organizations also need to cool down their IT cabinets and Data Centres, to extend the life of enclosures and equipment! Click here to download the Promo, visit for all our Cooling Solutions or contact for more info! » Learn more


SYLVANIA Application E-book for Education Facilities

We have an LED solution for every inch of your property and the SYLVANIA Education E Book below is the perfect way to find the various Sylvania solutions for education facilities.
Lighting is essential in the design of high-performance schools and facilities to improve the learning environment while saving energy, resources and money.
Trust Sylvania LED lamps and luminaires to ensure that the light is bright and right for when students return.
Explore the offering today in the new application E-Book
» Learn more


Scotch® Super 88 Electrical Tape

Scotch® Super 88 Electrical Tape is a vinyl insulating tape that provides great mechanical and abrasion resistance. The combination of elastic backing and aggressive adhesive provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk in extreme temperatures.
• Excellent cold weather performance
• Excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions
• Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations, rubber and synthetic splicing compounds
• Inhibits corrosion of electrical conductors
• Flame retardant
» Learn more


Delta Transformers New Mitigator e-Silver

This latest series includes Electrostatic Shield, Double Neutral, 150° C, K13 & Aluminum windings as standard. 0 degree or -30 degree phase shifting Providing a True Harmonic Mitigation Solution.

Copper windings, other K factor ratings, 130° C, dual output to a combined 0 and -30 degree phase shift and field adjustable phase shifting at + and – 15 degrees are also available options.

For over 35 years Delta Transformers has been designing and manufacturing in Canada, high quality, reliable and high efficiency transformers for the Canadian market. » Learn more


High Bay Solutions that Perform.

Now offering more choices, uniformity, comfort and optional code-compliant wireless controls that unlock the full potential of LED lighting, Cree Lighting’s KBL Series High-Bay/Low-Bay luminaire is the ideal choice for almost any mainstream high-bay/low-bay lighting application, giving facilities more of everything for a brighter, safer and more productive workday. » Learn more


Simplify wiring, eliminate inverters in emergency lighting

Seamlessly operating from either standard AC or up to 280VDC, a new LED bulb from Irwin Industrial (along with its partner VCC) can eliminate inverters, simplify wiring and increase reliability in emergency lighting systems. The 9W AC/DC bulb replaces 100W incandescents while maintaining the standard E26 base and A21 shape. It is also approved for use in fully-enclosed fixtures. In case of emergency, DC can be supplied directly to the fixture with the same gauge cable as the AC. The higher efficiency allows for a 10x increase in emergency lighting time. » Learn more

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