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ebmag.comJuly 16, 2020

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SYLVANIA TruWave Technology™ is here!

Offering the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum.

• Controlling blue wavelengths to support an improved sleep-wake cycle, lower glare, improve readability and reduce eye strain,
• Being a perfect fit where clean light color rendering is needed for seeing realistic, vivid colors without sacrificing light output,
• Properly saturating red to make building spaces and flesh tones accurate and vibrant, without oversaturating which compromises energy efficiencies,
• Delivering superior flicker performance and excellent dimmability when applicable which results in better visual comfort.
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Rittal’s Free Energy Audits prevent thermal risks, reduce energy consumption!

Rittal has created a program to promote energy consumption audits in production facilities and data centers. Those interested will receive a free Industrial Climate Control Inspection conducted by their local Rittal representative, designed to provide valuable insight into where a facility is exposed to thermal risk, and to identify places where the new energy-efficient air conditioner technology can reduce consumption costs. To schedule the audit, pls call 1 800 399 0748 or » Learn more


High Bay Solutions that Perform.

Now offering more choices, uniformity, comfort and optional code-compliant wireless controls that unlock the full potential of LED lighting, Cree Lighting’s KBL Series High-Bay/Low-Bay luminaire is the ideal choice for almost any mainstream high-bay/low-bay lighting application, giving facilities more of everything for a brighter, safer and more productive workday. » Learn more


Take the next step and upgrade your lighting with Stanpro!

Take the next step and upgrade your traditional lamps with Stanpro's new High Intensity LED lamps! These Multi-Volts High Intensity LED lamps are known for their efficiency and practicality as a retrofit replacement for traditional HID applications. Now, with our newest generation, we are proud to introduce a multi-volt capability; 120-347V, adding to the long list of benefits this product has to offer. » Learn more

Hammond Power Solutions

New HPS Solar Duty Distribution Transformers

HPS Sentinel Solar Duty transformers are designed for applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between the solar generation system and the utility service.

The grid and inverter side of the transformer is clearly identified on the nameplate and catalog allowing for bi-directional power flow for use in facility and utility-interactive generation systems. Available in a type 3R heavy duty enclosure and feature enhanced BIL ratings for increased reliability. Standard integral floor and wall mounting brackets are on units up to 45 kVA allowing for faster installation and have voltage ratings from 15-1000 kVA. » Learn more

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